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From LANTMA to SoCal NTMA: Expanding Our Reach and Strengthening Our Vision


At SoCal NTMA, formerly LANTMA, we’re embarking on a rebranding mission. Our goal is to expand our reach further so we can serve as a thought leader and liaison for Southern California manufacturing professionals better than ever before.

Let’s explore what’s involved in our rebranding efforts and dive into what new and long-lasting members should know about SoCal NTMA.

What’s Changing at SoCal NTMA?

Our board works strategically to determine the best paths forward, considering how we can best support manufacturers in Southern California. Here’s what you can expect to change:

Our Name

While a familiar name, LANTMA doesn’t accurately represent the geographical scope of our membership. Our members extend far beyond one city, covering four major counties: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside. By shifting to SoCal NTMA, our name encompasses our presence across Southern California.

Our Approach

Our rebranding isn’t just about a new moniker. It’s about embracing innovation and modernity in the manufacturing space. Just as you’re not your grandfather’s contract manufacturer, we’re not your grandfather’s NTMA.

We’ve assembled a board comprised of forward-thinking individuals from cutting-edge, growing companies. And we’re seeking the next generation of manufacturing – those embracing Industry 4.0, automation, and groundbreaking technology – to join us.

What’s Staying the Same at SoCal NTMA?

For our esteemed long-term members, rest assured that the essence of SoCal NTMA will remain unchanged. Here’s what isn’t changing with our rebrand:


Our commitment to inclusivity remains unwavering. We’re dedicated to fostering a community where success and growth are attainable for all.


Most of our members cite the community aspect of LANTMA as their top reason for joining. The community aspect will remain invaluable during and after our shift to SoCal NTMA. If anything, we’re hoping our more inclusive name, which represents the larger region, will increase participation further, resulting in a richer experience for our members.

Thought Leadership

Anyone familiar with our industry understands that Southern California is a hub for advanced manufacturing in the U.S. We want to keep it this way, with SoCal shining as the gold standard of innovation and tech-savviness.

SoCal NTMA will continue to serve as the voice of advanced manufacturing in our pocket of Southern California. We’re positioned as thought leaders and brand ambassadors for precision machine companies in our market. 

Access to Industry Insight

Many of our members ask us what technologies other shops use and how these upgrades have been beneficial. Additionally, manufacturing professionals come to us for advice and expertise regarding local and state policies and their implications for their shops. Because California is often the first state to adopt environmental, social, and governance policies, manufacturers can’t necessarily look to other regions to determine how to proceed.

Membership at SoCal NTMA grants access to invaluable market insights. From industry trends to technological advancements, we keep members informed, connected, and ahead of the curve. 

Learn More About SoCal NTMA

Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed newcomer, there’s a place for you in our thriving community. As a member, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Collaboration: Join a community where collaboration fosters innovation and growth.
  • Access to insights: Stay informed about industry news, trends, and best practices.
  • Community support: Find camaraderie and support from peers who understand the challenges you face. Attend our regular meetups to engage with your peers and discuss some of the successes and pain points you’re navigating.

While we’re keeping this transition seamless for our members, please bear with us as we navigate this rebranding process. Transitions aren’t always squeaky clean and don’t usually happen overnight, so you might still see traces of LANTMA floating around in the upcoming months. 

Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter! Together, we can shape the future of contract manufacturing in Southern California and beyond.

Welcome to SoCal NTMA, a community where innovation flourishes, connections grow, and success knows no bounds. Contact us to get started.