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Workforce Development

NTMA Training Centers provides hands-on, industry standard, and technologically evolving, specialized training in the machining industry. Our services include both introductory and advanced machinist training. Our introductory MMT provides the opportunity for career placement at a current 84% placement rate of all graduates in the program. The training center also boast a 92% graduation rate of all enrolled students (see 2018 fact sheet in addendum) Career education has never been considered need-based industry — It is our job to let our students know what we offer and that they need us to further and create sustainable their career goals.

Because NTMA Training Centers provides educational services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our commitment to our student’s success in our program from first contact to the day they are placed at their new career home. Aside from ensuring our team is encouraging, available, excited about the role they play in our students lives, and that every student in know that they example of greatness personified, we take additional steps to support our student’s success. NTMA understands, and, more importantly, values the role our instructors play in the lives of our students; our instructors are the reason for many of our students’ persistence in the program and the purpose behind many of their success stories.

Our audience is the underserved and underrepresented populations of the communities we serve; those whose options have been limited by way of lack-luster high school resources, unreliable support systems at home, or those who are “smart” in ways not measured by that of an SAT score or traditional educational paths to a sustainable and life-long career. We want to serve the ignored, but gifted youth and young adult of our communities who can excel in an environment of hands-on learning, self-worth and morality building, encouraging, excellence achieving, and career placement environment. Four-year or traditional education is not for everyone, however access to a healthy wage career should be. The stigma associated with the for-profit career training programs that has statured the market has lessened interest and created obstacles for great programs like the ones that NTMA Training Centers provide. NTMA Training Centers however, work tireless every day to overcome that stigma and make sure the communities we serve knows the purpose, privilege, power, and permanence, of the highly regarded educational training program at NTMA and the reputation of the SoCal NTMA as a whole has in the machining industry.

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